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There is a very good chance we will be moving all these songs (and maybe more) to myspace or another website that does not blind one's eyes.

88, 2562, absurdism, AMM, Uta Barth, William Basinski, Derek Bailey, Peter Brotzmann, John Cage, Charalambides, Leonard Cohen, coincidence, John Coltrane, Tony Conrad, dust, EAI, Earth, Morton Feldman, George and Ira Gershwin, Jean-Luc Godard, Emma Goldman, Green Ping Pong Balls, Tim Hecker, Alfred Hitchcock, Bill Jacobson, Jandek, Idris Khan, light, Marble Sky, Karl Marx, mathematical patterns, mind altering substances, Neural Darwinism, psychology, Public Image Ltd., Thomas Pynchon, The Raincoats, Mark Rothko, Jean-Paul Sartre, Semiconductor, solipsism, Sunn O))), Taiga Remains, transparency, Francesca Woodman

"Wicked cerebral!"

10333 is (as of December, 2009):
Matt [l∞p]
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