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4 mat, Maciej Łabuński was born in 19.05.1979 in Przemyśl. Making his debut in the Polish hip – hop market, he made his first steps in 1998 with a group Zerojedensześć who are no longer together. Then in 2000 he teamed up with Waldemar Dańczak who at the time was part of a group known as WDK, the musician and hip-hop producer, recorded his first demo Prowokacja. The record, promoted with the song M3/Moje Małe miasto, became renowned in Poland through the magazine Klan. Two years later 4mat took a part in recording the song Miasto umiera obok nas. The single was published on the compilation Blokowisko. In 2003, 4 mats started working with the musical producer Daniel Trusz, also known as DNA. The effect of their work is the single 4mat&Jaosh; Dwie strony medalu and a few other songs. For the last few years 4mat has started working on his own projects with foreign rappers such as Train D Lay from Austria (the single Biznesmeni z podwórka). 4mat is one of the organizers of the The Fresh Black party, on which he collaborated together with Dj Scjot. He also participates in the organization of concerts of hip-hop's artists of the Polish stage. At the moment he is working on his first so... (+) expand
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