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Mmk, So listen up.. The Dry season is HERE so we are in the process of writing a whole new era of music! Expect updates soon! =D

But in the mean time, It is up to YOU! Yes, You in the Chair!! To tell your freinds, Family, Cousins, Neighbors, great Aunts, Even that Crazy Cat Lady that lives down the street about 2MTG!! We need as many listeners as possible before August 1st!! Please, SPREAD THE WORD!!!

posted 7 years ago
As kids having fun we decided to play intruments and put them together to make some nice noise and music with: Kaz -Lead guitar and Vocals, Matt -Bass and Tech, Josh -Drums, and Nick-Keyboard, Vocals and Sounds. 2MTG is Currently focusing on writing/recording Custom Music. We all hope you will enjoy partaking in our sound! Drop us a Comment sometime!

Started By Josh , Preston , Nick , and Matt , the band first called themselves DRIFT. After some Major Changes and the loss of Pianist, Preston , the band stepped up with the introduction of lead Guitar, Kaz , The Legendary. The Band moved on into a stage of development. New Sounds, Equipment, and Members, such as Logan-The Valiant, Spencer-The Invincible, and Jake-The Daring. This Wheel set in Motion Came to Call itself ACCENT. After Nick and Matt quit, The band adopted a new style which attracted all. This attraction, brought back Nick , who thereby assumed position as lead Sounds, and Backup Vocals. The Band (Now nameless) Realized how difficult music production was without the help of Matthew . The Band begged for him to return to the band and take place as Bass Guitar and Tech Manager. Which e... (+) expand
2MTG - #5
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Modecai wrote:
Hey dude, thanks for the kind words!
7 years ago
The Mission District wrote:
aaaaaaand we have a new song up - it's an acoustic one. hope you enjoy it!

cheers :D
7 years ago
The Mission District wrote:
thanks mate. we'll let you know when we have more songs up!
7 years ago
thegurds (level 1) wrote:
2MTG performed at our neighborhood party last week and did a great job! These guys have mega-talent and really know how to entertain. Thanks again! -TG
7 years ago
AM wrote:
Thanks for the note.
7 years ago
xandros (level 34) wrote:
thanx. and you keep it coming ;)
7 years ago
I Fight Dragons wrote:
Thanks guys!! Digging your sound as well too, I really like the way the keys and guitar mix on #5!
7 years ago
Chris Merritt wrote:
Thanks! It's on iTunes, but it's 99cents. :( If you check out chrismerrittmusic.com later this week, i'll have my store up, too. Five album downloads for like 15 bucks, including Pixie And The Bear w/Madison.

#5 is awesome - brings back blues-jam memories.
8 years ago
muzikman (level 35) wrote:
Cool #5
8 years ago