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Kansas City, MO

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2nd2none is finally going out on his own. A 19 year old producer, singer, and song writer that's making a name for himself. Started under such producers as Icy Roc Kraven, Fedaro, Nardo(a.k.a)D3moli$h, K!ngKong(a.k.a)Kong, Int@ct, and Sh@dowville's own ADP,Sl@ntize & SINIM@. These guys are also a few names that 2nd2none has already collaborated with in the past. Now on his own he hopes to rise to the top and take the crown from his protege's. Gifted with the ability to switch up his style from singing to rapping and producing. He says that what you hear is his pain,passion,and desire to be the best. Coming into 2009 2nd2none made a name as 1 of the hottest young producers and artist out there. Teaming up with fellow classmate Terrell Thompson (T-R3AL) they have become a dynamic duo and made such hits as 9 to 5, and Tonight. Keep a look out for these 2 young artist.
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