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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Nadto Sonna (2sleepy) the electronica duo based in Kiev, Ukraine. After their debut “Fragments Of Sleep” was released on the Austrian label ‘Laridae’ in 2006, the band gained a reputation of being the most interesting member of the independent Ukrainian pop-consortium. Audiences and critics warmly welcomed their second album ‘Art Fraud’ (2008, ya-ok music), which was named one of the best albums of the year in the issue of “Glavred” magazine

“Nadto Sonna” participated in the international festival of experimental electronic music “Detali Zvuku”, performed gigs with the famous Russian cultural icon “Dolphin”, as well as with German electronica project “SWOD”.People in the band pay a lot of attention to their shows: they collaborate with various VJs to create a vibrant, memorable atmosphere. At concerts “2sleepy” play live, using the entire arsenal of their musical gear: synthesizers, samplers, effectors, and guitars.

2sleepy is:
Andriy Paranoid – programming, keyboard, drums,
Seva Soncev - vocal, programming, keyboards
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