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new music in the works...
happy 2009 to all of you, all of us.
posted 8 years ago
30mileshigh: EP1 - new music OUT NOW

www.30mileshigh.com [click on "PRESSKIT" for hi-res digital PDF booklet for "EP1"

"While much electronically inclined music can leave listeners with a "cold" or "sterile" vibe, 30mileshigh deftly manages the opposite effect. There's a real pulse to songs such as "leaveinpieces" and "grey," which are coated with neo nu-wave-meets-dance influence. 30mileshigh could attract fans of Joy Division or the Cure as easily as it attracts fans of Nine Inch Nails. The music is never "piecey" or unblended, and 30mileshigh puts forth a seamless shot of adrenaline that'll course through your veins. Not many musicians are able to make dance music feel passionate, but 30MH does."

Amy Sciarretto, journalist for Outburn, Hit Parader, CMJ
Director of PR, Roadrunner Records

"GIVE ME MORE." [30mileshigh: EP1 review]

I want more of 30mileshigh. I got this EP from them... it makes all of my industrial/electro-rock dreams come true. It's the 4 course tease.

We have the strong opener, 'I Will' - It grabs you and demands you listen. No one person I have given this EP to listen to has looked at me 30 seconds in and said, 'What's the ... (+) expand
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ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
Lol at muzikman.

I need more of this... Very deep.
8 years ago
muzikman (level 35) wrote:
I Will....listen again
8 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
great,great,great ............... i will is magic
8 years ago
ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
Still cant stop listening to Leave in Pieces. WHY IS IT SO ADDICTING???
8 years ago
ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
Awesome music. Simply put.
8 years ago
seaicilin (level 12) wrote:
You all are really kicking some butt here!!! Keep the music coming!
8 years ago
snaggletooth (level 11) wrote:
Ok, ordered it on CdBaby. Thanks for your help :))
8 years ago
snaggletooth (level 11) wrote:
I tried to purchase your song "I Will" @ Amazon.com, but they only allow mp3 purchases for residents of the USA and Canada etc. Not the UK. :(
8 years ago
snaggletooth (level 11) wrote:
Gawd, your track "I Will" Ive played it 4 times already. Really pounds outta your speakers. Its New Wave, no its Rock, no its Electronic, no its.............. great! Mx bumps from me. I know I'll get the points back easy :))
8 years ago
deSalire (level 33) wrote:
Really REALLY liking you guys. Great sound. Welcome, and thanks for being here!
8 years ago
julie (level 9) wrote:
Sounding GREAT........ added you to my 61 radio! glad you're here!
8 years ago
kalli2B (level 41) wrote:
Wow! I really like your music! So far, 'I Will' is my fave. Welcome to the SixtyOne & TY for sharing! :)
8 years ago