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Courtenay, BC

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4500 is a British alternative pop/rock duo formed in 1997 by Gavin Hardcastle and Rick Dowson. Based in both Canada and England. Their sound can be described as alternative pop rock and draws heavily on influences from both the 90’s grunge/hard rock scene and many of the British 80’s pop legends.

With a 4500 mile gap between them, the duo record some of their songs from their individual locations but mostly from their studio in the rainforests of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

“I Am Ghost” is the first single from the CD of the same name which is due for release in March 2009. 4500 is currently in the studio working on the rest of the album.

In August of 2008 two good friends decided to buy a van, fill it with beer and candied salmon, 2 acoustic guitars and a tape recorder. They headed out to the remote but spectacular forbidden plateau on Vancouver Island with the sole purpose of writing the best songs that they could.

With jaw dropping mountain views for inspiration and the Eagles and Bears for company these two intrepid songwriters eventually put together a powerful arsenal of Pop Rock songs with titles like “I Am Ghost” and “If You Don’t Know Yet”.

As soon as the beer ran out they headed back to town to record the songs. The bears were getting too friendly anyway.

The result of this expedition is 4500. An electronic Pop Rock duo boasting one of the most distinctive male voices on the planet today in lead singer Rick Dowson. Rick has a vocal tone and style that borders on the hypnotic.

The other half of 4500 comes in the form of Gavin Hardcastle, singer/songwriter and producer who is responsible for the 4500 sound. With infectious melodies and ultra hooky choruses 4500 crafts songs that seep into your soul using layers of harmony and honey coated chords.

Drawing influences from Alice in Chains, Feeder, Coldplay and Radiohead, one thing that’s clear in the 4500 sound is the 80’s vibe that is present in most of their songs. “The eighties were my musical awakening” explains Gavin, “I was brought up on the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkle and Genesis as a small child in the 70’s, but as we hit the 80’s I was captured by the more electronic sounds of the Eurythmics, Prince, The Human League and Tears for Fears”.

Both Rick and Gavin are seasoned veterans at song writing, recording and gigging, having toured the UK with 90’s Brit Rock bands like Old Man Stone, Raising Cain, Tilt and The Big I Am to name but a few.

With a commanding stage presence 4500 takes the listener on a journey, sporting ‘down to earth’ and ‘arresting’ lyrical content that often deals with both amusing and disturbing issues but always with a sense of style.

4500 is an Electronic Pop Rock duo with a vision. Our vision is to offer our fans a feeling, an experience and a relationship. We invite you to join us on this journey to find success in the music industry as independent artists. “The feeling” is what we hope you get from listening to our music. “The experience” and “the relationship” is our shared journey through this business that we call “music”. Follow us as we create a blueprint for success as independent artists and share in this experience.

We wish to make a fan of you. Every Fan should have their say. We want your opinions on much of our creative process. From listening to rough demos of our new songs and voting on production styles, to advising us on which of our photos to use in new press materials. We’ll keep you up to date with the marketing tips and tricks that we learn, which ideas failed and which ideas worked. Become a fan, join our free mailing list and gain access to this feeling, this experience and this relationship. Join the mailing list and get some cool freebies?
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