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Richland, WA

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45th Parallel formed in late 2003, comprised of four friends sharing a common vision of bringing hard hitting, meaningful music to the world. Since that time the band has seen a few of the ups and downs associated with life in the business. 5 years of creating, recording, tear-downs, regroups, four line-up changes, and an album “do over”, 45th Parallel now stands strong as the power trio you see today.
The Band is carving their niche into the Pacific Northwest music scene one stage at a time. Their recently re-released debut CD “take 2”, a post grunge rock album is filled with melodic choruses, catchy riffs and a low end punch that begs you to test the limits of your stereo. With airplay on several radio stations, a return performance on live television before an estimated audience of 75K and equipment endorsements, heads are starting to turn. Live shows are no exception. Their stage sound is full and defined. Songs are delivered with energy and conviction. Lyrics hold real life meaning that can easily find there way into any listeners world. 45th’s real world approach to songwriting has been attracting audiences from teenagers to fifty-something’s and all in-between. Everyone seems to find something in the music to keep with them. The band is constantly performing live and promises more to come with a sophomore album currently in the works.
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