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Lakeland, FL

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48 States Away is a young yet wise group of artists utilizing their gifts of music and creating new-tasty (that is correct--tasty) music for people to dance or meditate to at all times. We really love innovation and music experimentation. At the same time, we recognize that simplicity moves people more often than complex sounds that no one can understand. Our main purpose is to make people think a little, but have fun while at it.

48 States Away Sound:

Decades of Caribbean music influences, meets United States hip-hop & dance scenes, meets acoustic-drive and folklore, meets good 'ol mellow-Southern times between friends.

48 States Away's music differentiates from most artists' because of the unique backgrounds of our members. All of us have come from different races, states, countries, and really--stories. The beautiful part is that these journeys ended up with an open yet similar view of life for all of us alike. We have a very strong Latin influence yet an unique experimental force with the simplicity of acoustic instruments, thus creating a beautifully composed piece of art.
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