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San Francisco, CA

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The title “singer/songwriter” never felt right to Brad Kayal. After years drumming in the Boston 6-piece post-punk band, The Information, he felt a stool and an acoustic guitar wasn’t where he really wanted to be.

So, when he began writing and producing on his own he decided to title the project 49Admiral simply to hide the solo-ness of it all. In retrospect, the songs themselves are all that’s needed to convince most that 49Admiral isn’t something performed in a coffee shop.

With influences ranging from 90’s indie rock like Archers of Loaf and more modern examples of DIY production like the Postal Service, 49Admiral tends to sound much more like a 4 or 5 piece outfit than a one person excursion. The songs themselves, many recorded with machines and methods long since outmoded, help reflect the very analog people and places described within.
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