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Syracuse, NY

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4-point-0 is a ska-rock band from Syracuse, NY. They often feature their 4-man horn line, which combines with catchy melodies and a tight rhythm section to bring energy to their live shows. 4 Point 0 has put out 3 CD's in their 3 years together, "Making the Grade EP" (2008), "The College Try" (2009), and "Go Outside" (2010). "Go Outside" has been released on iTunes and Amazon, and a physical copies are available at shows as well as on their facebook page.
4 Point 0 played the "2010: A Ska-Odyssey tour" around the northeast in July 2010, and "The College Try" recently won a SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Award) for being the best CD in alternative/new rock/metal in October 2010. The band hopes to continue to make great progress climbing in popularity, and expanding their fan base across the northeast, and eventually the nation!
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