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West Long Branch, NJ

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4Normandy started in a basement in Bridgewater, NJ. Brothers Phil and Chris Adcock began simply with an acoustic guitar and bass. Once learning how to incorporate piano into the music, the band started developing its sound. As time went by they began their search for other members to complete their band.

After numerous bass players and drummers, Dave Russo was brought in to play drums for their first high school talent show. The show was a success and Dave became the permanent drummer for the newly formed band “Norm ‘N’ Dee”. As the band continued to play and write music they completed their first three songs. Chris played piano as well as filling in on bass while the band continued their search for a bass player.

Six months went by before the band offered the bass spot to Brenden Kane, an acoustic guitar player. Brenden brought a new feel to the band with his acoustic background. His bass playing completed the band and they then established themselves as 4Normandy.

4Normandy is now making their mark on the music scene with their unique, east coast sound…
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