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New York, NY

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About 5ive-L
5ive-L... (Love, Loyalty, Life, Longevity, and Laughter) is a family R&B; group that was formed in apartment 5L in Harlem, New York. Although they are family, they never had the opportunity to sing together as a group. The group’s vocal harmonies and music expresses the “City Soul” which is the emotions from the streets of the inner city.

Before the group was formed each member had already began pursuing their own musical and/or acting careers. Some opened up for superstars like Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Bow Wow, Trey Songz, Common, Daddy Yankee, etc. One member even performed on BET’s “Do You”; meanwhile, another member won BET’s “Wild Out Wednesday’s: Best Male Group Award”. In addition, another member is scheduled to appear in a major motion picture.

The group consists of two brothers, Cush Lundy and T.C. Lundy and their two cousins, Zieme Capers and Josh Lundy. As individuals, they felt they were strong, but they knew that if they all came together they would be unstoppable. Their stage show is unmatched with their energy, soulful harmonies, comedy and heartthrob looks. Everywhere they perform, girls simply go crazy!

Coming from a musical family, they are the next generation of “The Legendary Force Md’s” an R&B; group from the 80’s that brought classic hits like “Tender Lover” and “Love is a House”. The group plans to carry on the legacy on the strength of their own talent, passion and hard work. Their goal is to make timeless music and be recognized and respected for their contribution to great music.

5ive-L believes that if you believe in the 5 L’s (Love, Loyalty, Life, Longevity and Laughter) “you will be guaranteed success and the world will be a better place NO MUSIC NO LIFE”. Look for them under the Wisemen Entertainment Company Khalil Lundy And Rob Franklin. The Company Has Join Forces With Mickey Bentson of Pay Up Management who worked with a few artist in the game and Rob Love of Launch Pad formally from Def Jam and J Records. This Is The Group You Don't Want To Miss.
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