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5 Moon Dollars was created in Bogota, Colombia in 2007.

After two years of hard work, and after having been influenced by several music styles, we managed to reach a solid, well-ensembled sound. It met our expectations and ever-since we attained it, we've reflected it in our songs.

The band's main purpose has always been to attain a unique, solid sound which generates great passionate rock music.

What we play could be called contemporary rock, as it follows the newest trends in the musical scene. Relating completely to this kind of modern sound, that has been leading the way in terms of rock evolution.

Since each of our members has a unique musical history of his own, we're allowed to move within a wide range of artistic formations-from a purely academic to the permissiveness of the empiricism and new urban trends. This of course offers great versatility, diversity and innovative style.

The band's concept confronts the evolution of society, not by becoming politically active, but just by wondering how life could be in the future....

...will the day in which taxes are paid with Moon Dollars soon arrive?....
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