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Our ode to Chaos has just been uploaded. "Chaos" is the only song we've done with a marimba. Psychedelic. Progressive. Experimental. We hope you enjoy! ;)
posted 9 days ago
Heya! We just added another song from our latest EP, Gamma-Wave Rhythm. Check out, "Phoenix II" if you dig experimental psychedelic grunge. <3
posted 22 days ago
Just added the last song from our album, V! Check out, "This Is Not Love" if you are a fan of grunge or math rock. <3
posted 24 days ago

My new sounds: Incantation https://soundcloud.com/5thprojekt/incantation … on #SoundCloud

posted 25 days ago

This is one way to channel the sun.... http://fb.me/GNgaj2sK 

posted 1 month ago
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5th PROJEKT is a sonic landscape of visual hallucinations and resurfacing past lives. Ethereal feminine vocals are underscored by dreamy textural fields of conjured frequency and vibration. From delicate atmospheric passages to thunderous psychedelia, no rock is left unturned.

Formed in 2003 by vocalist Tara Rice and multi-instrumentalist Sködt McNalty, the Toronto-based band has received numerous accolades in the underground and independent music community. Their previous 5 albums have been featured on Top 30 college and university radio charts coast to coast in Canada, as well as on CBC Radio. The band has garnered invitations to music festivals such as NXNE, CMW, Toronto Indie Week, Rockergrrl, Lupercalia, and Otherfolk, as well as music award nominations for the Toronto Independent Music Awards, the Ontario Independent Music Awards and the Orange County Music Awards in California. 5th PROJEKT’s passion for touring has taken them across Ontario into Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia making new friends and fans along the way.

The new EP Gamma-Wave Rhythm will be released in physical format on September 14th, 2013 marking 5th PROJEKT's 10th anniversary. The band for... (+) expand
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5th PROJEKT wrote:
Thanks for your kind words, folks! Happy to hear you are enjoying our sonic sensibilities. <3
9 days ago
planigan (level 28) wrote:
Stunning, fabulous, amazing... I'm looking for the perfect word here to describe this music, and those all certainly apply, but I think the perfect word is captivating.

Love everything I've heard so far, and continuing to listen until I have made it through them all. See, I am captive to this beautiful music :-)
11 days ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
Great flair and dashing sound to your music!
23 days ago