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60 Tigres begun in the year 2005 as a band that wanted to conquer the crowd that attended their live shows. During the first year 60Tigres managed to develop in the local scene. After the members participated in many bands, they started to mold the actual lineup of 60 Tigres. They’ve been through many changes in the musical and visual aspects, always making their live shows a new experience.

Their music could be defined as a hybrid of funk, rock, punk, latin music and psychedelic. Their repertoire, in spite of being eclectic, is full of energy, reason why their events always conclude in party full of dances.



“Con tracks energéticos y un potente show en vivo este grupo cuenta con todos los elementos para convertirse en una gran banda de rock.
Al indagar brevemente en la escena musical independiente de Monterrey nos damos cuenta al instante que 60 Tigres es una de las bandas con más empuje. Su música rocusta, compuesta por funk, disco, punk, bossa nova, psychedelic, ritmos latinos y tintes electrónicos, es perefecta para bailarse en un bar rectangular de paredes forradas con papel-tapiz-de-madera… “
- Page Magazine-

“60 Tigres, from Mexico, did an amazing job with their disco-rock, psychedlic funk music. They had performed the night before at Cobra Lounge for Remezcla’s “La Otra Puerta Series” and were on a roll in acquiring new fans across our city. The boys, hailing from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, have seen a huge increase in their fan base since their first visit to Chicago. Word of mouth promotion works wonders when you make such an impressive impact on the crowd before you. Their off-stage handling of fans was also impressive as they were ready and willing to take photos, give autographs and just hang out with the dozens of kids swarming around them. “
- Show Review: BABASONICOS at Congress Theater -

“…Monterrey’s 60 Tigres were the opening highlight, with a vigorous dance-punk-disco-funk feel from wrangling bass, percussive flourishes and edgy performance energy that felt like a Gang of Four remix, pulling fans onstage for an impromptu thrash-vogue session.”
-Chicago Tribune-

“Although not easy to define, the psychedelic, funk-punk dance beats that Spanglish Alternativo quintet out of Monterrey Mexico creates is nothing less vibrant, energetic, catchy and very, very now. While some music lovers categorize them in the ranks of Zoe, Babasonicos, Los Amigos Invisibles with European twist others like my self are just glad they exist.”
-California Tour Press-
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