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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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65daysofstatic are working on their next album. They are making progress. Check 65daysofstatic.com for less-vague information and updates.
posted 8 years ago
65daysofstatic is four people from Sheffield, England.
They have released three albums of confused, noisy tales of glitchy electronics & guitars-turned-up-loud and played more than ten billion shows worldwide.
They know exactly what they are doing.
They have absolutely no idea what they are doing.
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Woosterxxx (level 9) wrote:
I'm so glad I could find you guys here! And there are songs I have never listened to (Reading in Bed, Spooks the Horse and Alkaline Trio). I like you sooo much.
7 years ago
DonAnonimo (level 6) wrote:
That Dance Parties remix is beast!
7 years ago
DevilsHorizon (level 20) wrote:
I saw you guys live the other week in London! Was a bloody awesome consert! AMAZING MUSIC! ^^
7 years ago
CiciPops (level 19) wrote:
Absolutely amazing work! You must come to edinbuuuurrgghhh!!!!
7 years ago
mouseom (level 26) wrote:
radio protector makes me feel so full of positive energy - perfect for a saturday morning!
7 years ago
C0balt279 (level 12) wrote:
Wait, where'd all my heart's go?
*Radio Protector*
Ahhh, that's where it is. Well spent!
7 years ago
sphy (level 28) wrote:
Your music is sick. Will come back when I have more hearts.
7 years ago
wcclayton (level 8) wrote:
Sick stuff!
7 years ago
LillyKim (level 19) wrote:
I love your music so much!!!!!
7 years ago
andrew cariboni wrote:
This site is full of non-stop sick music. Great stuff!
7 years ago
glttchphace (level 19) wrote:
finally a band that doesnt sound like kelly clarkston on the "whats hot right now" page... big ups!
7 years ago
ryzhmann (level 19) wrote:
Great to find you on t61!
7 years ago
goernie20 (level 6) wrote:
Need to download.....
7 years ago
goernie20 (level 6) wrote:
Holy shit Batman. Fuck me. Awesome.
7 years ago
Sainth (level 9) wrote:
wow, great stuff, I'm definitely hooked
7 years ago
lluviay (level 16) wrote:
you guys are so fucking AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
spinladen (level 35) wrote:
new neural pathways and aural sensations have been awakened due to this majesty of sound. Thank you.
7 years ago
rocketjohn (level 11) wrote:
@jaychra I can confirm the epic.. top notch live shows from the 65
7 years ago
automata (level 7) wrote:
Dope for the blocked youth!
7 years ago
unhearduv (level 9) wrote:
Crazy dope progression. DTGTGH. Great stuff.
7 years ago