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Great Neck, NY

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When 8 Ball was nineteen years old, a radical conversation altered his life path. “I used to work on a farm all week, then party all weekend,” he explains. “An Aboriginal elder from Townsville was visiting my town, and we were talking on Sunday morning after he had been watching me play guitar all weekend. He sat me down and told me off sternly – ‘I will be really disappointed if I visit next year and see you still here drinking and smoking, just wasting your talent and your life away,” explains the ex-farm worker, recalling his labouring in the Atherton Tablelands fruit plantations as a young teenager. “This was a ‘time stands still’, life-changing experience”, adds 8 Ball. “From that point on, I have stayed true, and followed my dream of making music and taking it out to the people”. He packed his bags, grabbed his guitar, and hitch-hiked south to the Big Smoke of Brisbane to seek his fortune.

The 27 year old former banana picker from Mareeba, Far North Queensland has created a uniquely Australian contemporary sound -- original roots music which reflects his origins in the steamy heat of the Far North Queensland tropics.

8 Ball has recently released his third album, ‘REBEL WITH A CAUSE’, recorded on vintage analogue equipment and produced by notable producer Garth Porter (ex-Sherbet), distributed internationally through MGM.
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