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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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what started out as an outlet to explore sounds, ended up having 2 EPs which are conceptually linked.

Here's the review:

Episode 1.

The Durio Dulcis EP

Daring. Non-conformist and radical. These 3 words describes 8 ears after my listening session of the EP. On the album cover a warning of some sort of is issued – either you like it or hate it. There is no middle way path.

I was told that in Latin Durio Dulcis means sweetest durian. However the music by 8 ears is far from sweet. The EP portrays a dramatic electronica soundscape, at times angry and sometimes sarcastically dark. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Perhaps it reflects the hidden thoughts and emotions of the songwriter during that 24 months when this EP was conceptualized.

Atanos Thgilnoom is achingly sad and painful. Perhaps the erhu gave it added emotive weight. Listen carefully and see if you can catch traces of Moonlight Sonata in reverse mode.

On Luv Unltd the tone is more cherubic. Duo-lo features more strings and the erhu with a dash of asian flavour.

If you are bored with the general mainstream music and feel kinda cheeky and experimental, The Durio Dulcis EP would be an interesting proposition. There are 8 tracks altogether on this EP. But be warned that it can be an assault on the aural senses. A like it or hate it experience, just like a cult thingy that it can become.

Episode 2.

The Garcinia Mangostana EP

Just about 4 months or so ago, I had my first taste of The Durios Dulcis. And today I received by mail The Garcinia Mangostana.

If The Durios Dulcis left you feeling emotionally unsettled, then The Garcinia Mangostana is the apt antidote for it. The Durios Dulcis veers on the leftfield while The Garcinia Mangostana veers on the rightfield. The Garcinia is sonically more accessible in this sense.

Listening to this follow up EP, one gets the impression that the songwriter has come to terms with some of his emotional issues and angst. There is a unique sense of spiritual flow in the way the music is dispensed on the first 3 tracks. On Independent Aquatic Factory there is fusion of blissful calm amongst drum beats before breaking out into discord.

An Odyssey Of A Machinist is the emotive stand out track on this EP. It certainly won’t feel out of place in the soundtrack of a movie like Blade Runner or some arty-farty movie.

Last Words [Stolen Moments] is another interesting piece with some tinge of Euro-disco keyboards in the early part and a display of Kraftwerk-ism in the vocals. A nice way to end the soundscape.

The Garcinia has more ambience and sustainability. Although the time frame of release from the 1st EP to this EP was short, it has demonstrated a certain maturity in the songwriter. Now,….if only some big shot movie producer can give this guy an opportunity to do the soundtrack, I bet he will shine.

In the end, Episode 1 + Episode 2 = Daring, Non-conformist & radical.

~ GlySinn
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