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AA sound system formed a long time ago when Ayla Brook (singer/guitarist) decided he didn’t need other humans to play roots-y music. He programmed some beats and sounds and played some acoustic guitar and sang and tweaked it all into something that even fans of early Beck wouldn’t be able to figure out.

Then he got a little lonely.

Enter Marek Tyler (drums and vocoder/samples), childhood friend from P.A. Sask. who had been chasing sounds and tails around the northern-western regions of Canada with moderate success in each department. He made the drums ring out live and organically and made AASound System into a live and breathing sound machine.

Years pass along with incarnations of the band and songs, songs that range, by the way, from tree-
planting anthems to drunken-folk-fest kickers to contemplative late-night sobbers and forest-fire-
survival rockers.

Then enters one Lane Arndt (bass/keys/vocals), a refugee of musical academia and free-jazz guitar
skronkery who was beginning to acknowledge the power of the song, the lilt of melody, the grace of
the lyric and the pull of an audience that actually cares about stuff. Here’s a poem:

Rehersals happened and gigs were played,
some more time passed and a recording was made.

“Lily Plain…You’re Hardly Poor” was released in the lazy summer of 2004 whereupon it was wholly embraced by college and community radio across the nation, into the states a bit and even out in the
european colonies. ‘Lily Plain…’ introduced the band with a grace reserved especially for alt-country
trios with a combined age of nearly 100, take it slow, don’t break a hip, and we’ll get there when we
get there.

AA Sound System has just finished recording album number two, a folk-pop-rocker tiltle “Laissez-Faire”
with wicked sounds and songs and great performances all the way around. Aided and abetted by one Danny Michel on producer duty and serving as all-around Walken-impersonating funny-man. This is
the record that will take AASS to the edge of the porch to wave at fans and dangle babies for all
those who care about good music to see.

Stay Tuned…
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