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Remember the days when rap music had something to say? A political statement cushioned by a phat track was the order of the day. Much of today's hiphop is like poor man's soup: lyrically, no real substance — just a whole lot of broth. Adam Tensta, on the other hand, is serving up some mama´s special soup with his burbian sound. His music has noodles, peas, onions and mama even topped it of with some of her special dumplings.

As a seven year old, Adam Tensta first encountered the world of hiphop as he decided to get into breakdancing. With time, Adam’s love and interest for hiphop music grew stronger and after ten years of breakdancing he decided to give it up and focus on his own lyrical writing.
“I aint biting my tongue for no one.”

In his music, Adam Tensta has managed to catch the very heart and soul of hiphop and to express his concern for social and political issues. His dedication to these matters is obvious as you listen to his first street single “Bangin On The System”. As a very conscious rapper Adam Tensta is constantly questioning things that he comes across and observes in his everyday life without force feeding the listeners. It is due to his strong concern for these matters that he has become as respected on the Swedish hiphop scene, as well as building a hype internationally.

Real people no gimmicks.
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