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Düsseldorf, Germany

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RAVEN PARQUE is the project of the producer ("Behind The Scenes" for an example) Adrian Le Monde. Founded in 1995...first release "THRU THE DESERT" (Vinyl EP 1995 / 6 Traxx)...second release "BREAK AWAY" ( LP CD 1995 / 15 Traxx) ... third realease "VISION THING" (LP CD 2005 / 14 Traxx)...fourth release "CLOSE" (LP CD 2006 / 14 Traxx)...fifth release "ROUGH" (LP CD 2007 / 14 Traxx)...and "BEST OF" (LP CD 2007 / 19 Traxx). The most of the RAVEN PARQUE recordings are a "One-man-show", but sometimes Adrian worked together with friends and additional musicians (Melrow/Behind The Scenes, Oli Wollschläger/Vorsprung durch Technik,...). Someone says, the sound of RP is listen to it...
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