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Mckinney, TX

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Who is aUstiN bRoWn?

aUstiN bRoWn is an up and coming electro indie-rock artist based out of Dallas Texas. You may remember Austin from his time on the 2003-2004 Vans Warped Tour as the guitarist for A Faith Called Chaos (Volcom Entertainment). Austin Brown is the first artist to distribute his music on a jump drive, or usb flash drive. Realizing that cd sales were only going to continue to fall, Austin decided it would be the perfect time to offer his fans something useful to their lives, and as a bonus the flash drive has the mp3s preloaded on it, along with the album artwork and the lyrics. Nova Dreamer, the album, is also available for digital download, in case fans already own a flash drive. The story continues as the business model for music begins to evolve. Austin is now offering his music for free and has been liquidating his inventory of flash drives with a promotion that will most likely last through October. If you haven't gotten yours yet? Fill the above form out and we will send you a flash drive out within two weeks. Act now, supplies won't last much longer.
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