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Austin TV is a mexican independent five piece band located in Mexico City, they bet for the instrumental sound with influences like Mogwai, Yo La Tengo, and many of the second wave emo bands like Mineral or The Get Up Kids.

Also, their live shows are composed by theater-like costumes, adding a feeling of magic and amusement to their music, some of their costumes have been bunnies (this animal, also, was their personal trademark), astronauts, baseball players, clowns, hawaiian tourists, ice cream truck drivers and many more.

Their discography is composed by Asrael, a limited edition CD with the first materials they recorded in studio and live performances in Mexican College Radio “Ibero 90.9”; in 2002, they released “Austin TV”, an EP composed by five songs, and the 2003 album “La Última Noche del Mundo” (The Last Night of The World), this album is acclaimed by their fans and critics, the singles “Rucci” and “Olvidé decir Adiós” had heavy rotation in the mexican radio stations “Reactor 105” and “Ibero 90.9”

Recently they recorded the score for the Independent Film “Más que nada en el mundo” (More Than anything in the World), in may 5th 2007, they released “Fontana Bella”, their new album, recorded in their own Studio “Asrael” and “El Ensayo”, a studio owned by the members of Café Tacvba. Fontana Bella tells the story of Mario Lupo, an old men living in the forest and having supernatural expiriences with forest spirits about close friends and other things.

Recently, Austin TV had international shows around America, including SXSW, Argentina’s Personal Fest, and 2008 version of Coachella.

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