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Trenton, NJ

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September 13, 1987, the day Bradley Watts was put on the earth. Since he picked up the mic at the age of 14 has been flowing lyrics over an instrumental. A true MC from Trenton, NJ, B. Watts uses his past, present and future as inspiration for his upcoming track. Lyrics are always from the heart and very true. Hip-Hop is a culture, a movement, rap is garbage and needs to be put to the side so real MC's like myself get a chance to let people hear their music. Telling stories with lyrics as well as instilling messages to the youth is nothing out of the ordinary for B. Watts. Always positive and focused on the future and very goal oriented with success on the top of his mind. After losing his father in 2001 to cancer has sought out to make him proud and to prove he can make it somewhere in this life. Music means more then most would think, it's how we escape, it's a passion we turn to when in need. I know i got kids listening so the profanity isnt necessary. Very unique sounding but with an old-school hip-hop vibe.

Check me out on and as a featured artist SOON!

Also catch me in Newark randomly on sundays at the shades radio training camp...
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