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Fornebu, Norway

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"Useless" kinda hit`s the spot, it consists of four core members. It`s a garage band concept, in loose terms. For the time being we use most of our sessions jamming, covers and and a drop of what we have created ourselves. We try to focus on just having fun, so don't expect to much because we know we play sloppy and very rarely sober ;p We invite friends and relations for a jam as often as it is possible. But, only those who have found themselves comfortable in the natural habitat of the "useless". We get our inspiration from pretty much everything, we play pretty much everything, and are open to a large variety to music.

We will put out cuts from our jam sessions and what ever we might cook up, not just for the pleasure of our friends and relations, but also for others to enjoy, this is for us a place to put out nostalgic work that have meaning to us, and those around us, rather then quality we expect people to vote for. Keep that in mind if you decide to bump us! :)

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