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Whittier, CA

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Born in Los Angeles Ca. from a Cuban mother and a Mexican father comes a breath of fresh air into the rap and hip hop scene: Brewsky. Whether composing Producing or Performing, Brewsky is one of the best kept secrets in rap music today.

My love for music began in elementary school. Bryson Elementary School in South Gate, CA where I joined the music class and attempted to learn how to use the recorder. Later on through elementary school I joined the choir where I attempted to sing. I remeber the teacher telling me he loved my enthusiasm and liked the fact I was not afraid to sing at the top of my lungs. brewskyinstudio.jpg

I don't think he realized that with me coming from a Cuban background it was just naturally in my blood.

I can remember when I was very young my parents bought me the "Thriller" album on vinyl. As I got older I really started to recognize and appreciate a lot of the rap music and westcoast pioneers, such as N.W.A. and Too Short. When I got to high school, I started to really develop a skill for freestyling. We would walk home from school and I would rap about the cars on the street, the girls passing by or anything else that came across my path. I even started to bust little raps on my voicemail to show off my skills to all my friends and of course the ladies. Eventually I started rapping on other people's voicemail. That got me into writing. I took a creative writing class which I really enjoyed and that helped me with my craft.

When I was about 17 years old I wrote my first song called "Pearl Necklace", that was dope, because all my friends knew the words to it.

After high school I got into the L.A party scene and started to throw house parties. We would do live shows at the backyard boogie. We would also battle crews and always freestyle live on the mic. Back in those days you really had to be able to freestyle to earn cred and respect amongst other MCs.

A few years passed and i had countless amounts of written raps, but no where to record them etc. I enrolled into college (LBCC) and developed a new love for music in radio. I started to do a live on air show called "Open Mic" where i would play artists who were trying to get play,trying to get heard, the up and comers. My radio show really got me motivated to start recording music, seeing that there was so many artists doing what i was doing.

The Open Mic show also opened lots of doors for me as it grew tremendously popular. It also introduced me to lots of great people who I had the pleasure of working with. It also got me a deal with SI TV. Which was a very big blessing.

So now this leads us to the present, After realizing you can't depend on no one in this industry and even finding out your own friends will mislead you, I decided to build my own studio. Also started up my own Music imprint; an indie record label built by the people for the people. Enter "IN Ovation Records" which i am proud to say I am CEO of. Our first major release will be "The Brewery" which is my first album which I Executively Produced.

Life has a funny way of throwing obstacles in your way, trials ,tribulations. we all gotta face them. How you deal with and overcome them is what makes you, what builds your character. All the things that have happened in the past, good or bad, have brought me to this moment, This exact point in time. So this is the begining. The begining of a new era, the begining of Brewsky, The Brewey , In Ovation Records. Hope you enjoy the ride.
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