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After over a year of winning audiences with their live performances, Call Me Poupée’s debut album finally arrived. The Montreal duo consisting of Ken Fortrel (ex Secrétaires Volantes and The Breastfeeders) on guitars, keyboards and electronics along with the captivating Poupee (ex The Slips and Les Slotmachines) on vocals and guitars have put together thirteen songs for their first full length “Western Shanghai”. With the aid of producer Ramachandra Borcar (aka Ramasutra) the songs combine Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti western soundtracks, 60’s spy themes, Yeye and rockabilly with electronic beats and analog keyboards. The icing on the cake of course are the sweet vocals à la Gainsbourg au feminin sung in both French and English.

Guest musicians include the cream of the crop from Montreal’s underground, featuring members of Les Georges Leningrad, Bionic, The Gruesomes, The Kingpins, Les Secretaires Volantes and the brass section from Ram’s “Steel and Glass” album.

With such evocative lyrics and cinematic arrangements, Call Me Poupée will bring you to the new west…. a place where cowboys and Indians drink their whiskey from Tiki glasses and listen to space age pop.
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