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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Caro Emerald is the new kid on the block, but boy does she sound like she's been around! A voice so seductive and sultry it’s hard to believe she just recorded her debut album.

The album features an exciting and hugely accessible collection of 1940’s and 1950’s inspired songs. It’s a mix of ballroom jazz, cinematic tangoes, groovin’ jazz tracks and infectious mambo’s, that sound like they were recorded in 1951 in Hollywood’s most famous recording studios. But the smoking beats, catchy songs and inventive production tell it’s actually 2009 that Caro Emerald is going to put her name on the map.

The 1st single from the album, “Back It Up” has been bubbling under on the web and local radio, causing raving reviews. The track is officially released on July 6 2009 (iTunes, major download services and retail). A limited edition 7” vinyl will be issued in August.

“This vibrant tune is a masterfully produced fusion of hip-hop dance beats and nostalgic jazz tones that will have you smiling and grooving for hours. Then you’ll find it rattling around in your brain for weeks on end. But unlike most instantly catchy songs, these melodies don’t grow old.” Caro’s voice, full of scat playfulness and smoky seduction, conveys a reverence for Jazz and Soul heritage without seeming retro. The track bounces and bops with childlike enthusiasm. The music is a magical cut-n-paste collage of marimba motifs, sultry saxophone samples, off-beat piano stabs that are doubled with skanky, muted guitar, and a horn section that sounds like it was recorded through the world’s oldest ribbon mic and played back through a Harlem jukebox. When the needle gets to the end the singer implores you to “Back it up and do it again.” Indeed, the song does have an authentic, scratchy-vinyl vibe.” (*****! Review
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