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Schenectady, NY

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We are a band that loves music. We love what we do and love how God has enabled us to dig deeper into what we love by giving us an opportunity to play music for a living. We are all interns at a Church in Rotterdam, NY called Sonrise Bible Church. The passion we all have for music is evident in how we play and write. Performances are what we love because we love to connect with the crowd. From Justin's beautiful piano pieces he fits into a song, to the melodic notes Andrew mendola plays on the electric guitar, you get us, Carrylight. A band that loves what we do and want to play for our lives. Stuart writes lyrics in such a way that he wants to pour his heart out in song. Explained once to him, "If your not almost in tears at the end of a song, then why write it." He took that to heart and now writes not to write but to bring a message to the world. That there is light in the dark world of hate we live in.

All in all we want to be friends with you, not just cause we want to be known, but we truely do care about people and we want you to get to know us!

Two of the band members met at Word of Life Bible Institute, Justin and Stuart, while Andrew came into the mix later on due to Stuart coming back home on break from school and telling him all about the band and the need for more musical talent. They played their first show altogether as a band on valentines day 2010. They played a nine song set that lasted about an hour. The crowd was pleased with the performance of the newly formed band.

We were recording a demo in the most cheap way we could during the winter of 2010 and it came out really well. We were working under crazy schedules and a very cheap budget. Jesse Dold and Manley Gove of "The Ghost Mill Recording Studios" mixed the Demo and made it sound ten times if not one hundred times better then in was. That is what we have up on and and also up on here.

We are currently praying for a drummer to get involved with us now, and also a bassist. We are really pleased with what we have now. We are really putting a lot of faith that the Lord will bring both to us, but we are just banking on the fact that God has given us everything we need. (2 Pet 1:2-4)

Be Praying for us, and talk to us message us on here or befriend our personal facbooks! Much Love and CARRY THE LIGHT Ephesians 5:8
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