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Christine Leakey

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Once upon a music time in the Thousand Islands, a 10 month baby named Christine began to whistle. Then at 3, she sang made up songs to her dog. She took piano from a belching nun at 9, and taught herself guitar at 22.

Since then, Christine has formed bands, written hundreds of songs, appeared on radio and TV, toured, recorded and produced her own music, collaborated with other recording artists, released her music on a label in Europe and in an award winning documentary.

After the dissolution of her bands, Christine began to focus on her solo work with a goal to record a full length album. She had shared the stage with a variety of acts ranging from chamber music to mainstream like Ween, Junior Kimbrough and Iggy Pop. Iggy’s reaction to her performance at the Detroit State Theatre was, “Wow, wow, wow!” While things were looking promising musically along with some recording offers, everything came to a halt when an injury left Christine unable to play guitar.

Christine returned to music in 2012 when she released her debut solo album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. Its lush cinematic, dreamy, pop elements put a fresh spin on fusion that beg a new definition with e... (+) expand
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