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Douglas, Isle of Man

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A curious, gingertopped young thing growing up on a tiny Island in the Irish Sea, Christy was listening to an odd mix of big band, swing and grunge metal while her teeny friends were wrapped up in 80's electro pop and - urg! - rave. Inspired equally by Crowded House, Eddie Vedder, Julie London, Jeff Buckley and the writings of madcap British poet John Hegley, it was always going to be a voracious musical appetite that formed her own musical dabblings. Oh, and somewhere amongst all that, she was a soprano in the youth choir and can still sing large chunks of Mozart's Requiem (tho, maybe not in the same key...)

After studying broadcast journalism in the hope of Getting On The Radio, her musical career 'proper' started by promoting everyone else's stuff, as she put her obsessions to good use with an indie rock show on Energy FM. 'The Back Room' became one of the most popular radio shows on national radio (on the Isle of Man, admittedly...), and with all the live sessions and interviews collected over the years, a CD was produced. It was when she was putting that CD together that she decided to have a bash at the ole songwriting malarky herself - and it seemed apt to write a song about how brave she thought all these musicians were to actually sing their own songs in front of other people. And so, '(You've Got To Be) Drunk' was written.

Shortly after that, on a visit to her siblings in Tennessee, she came home with a shiny new Gibson guitar and found she couldn't stop writing....46 (or so) completed songs later, and a few gigs under her belt, and here she is, touting her wares on t'internet.

A few slight detours should be mentioned tho - while sheepishly introducing her music to the local gigging scene (and yes, she did have to be slightly drunk to do it - at first), she met the stunningly talented Anna Goldsmith and joined her band, playing acoustic guitar and singing backing vocals.

Since then, she's also sung backing vocals for Truman Falls, Christine Collister and Back Door Slam, both live and on record, and is the main bv on Anna's album "Let It Rain'.

Very recently, she found herself in the very odd situation of singing BV's alongside guitar legend and Simpsons star Peter Frampton..but that's another story!

Her current dayjob is with Running Media Group, the management team behind Corinne Bailey Rae and aforementioned Back Door Slam, so although she no longer presents the radio show, she does still spend most of her time promoting everyone else's bless ;-)

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