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The Clockwork Quartet

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"Tarnished, bittersweet music that conjures up Portishead" – The Guardian

From their East London warehouse, a coterie of young musicians and artists have grabbed the attention of the previously US-centric Steampunk scene. No longer beholden to the traditional media industry, the internet generation have harnessed the hardware,
software and distribution channels they grew up with to give birth to a new culture – the first truly indigenous folk culture of the internet. Steampunk is an aesthetic of the mechanical inventions of the industrial revolution, the last great period of technological upheaval. The Steampunk look has been adopted by a rising counterculture whose ideals echo punk-inspired self reliance and anti-establishment sentiments, but with nihilism replaced by an optimism about human potential. The past year has seen a slew of
Steampunk specific festivals and events across the world, the creation of a peer reviewed journal ("Neo-Victorian Studies"), and features in The New York Times, Wired magazine and on MTV.

"The Clockwork Quartet is a Dresden Dolls-esque collective of 20-odd musicians, actors and cabaret... (+) expand
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Calista (level 39) wrote:
Love these tracks when I first heard them 6? years ago...and love them as much today when I happened across them again.
1 year ago
lizzaann (level 8) wrote:
I really am very much looking forward to the album :)
7 years ago
Deozaan (level 6) wrote:
Contrary to what The Guardian said, this music does not conjure up Portishead. But it does remind me of the Decemberists.
7 years ago
joaopsmartins (level 3) wrote:
Nicely done. Quite theatrical, in a very good way, and overall, great performances.
7 years ago
morganlolwut (level 7) wrote:
truly fantastic.
i'll be looking for your album.
7 years ago
krzyh (level 9) wrote:
Sooooo avesome! I'm listening it all month. Miracle.
7 years ago
dchuskerls (level 10) wrote:
i cant even fathom how well you write your songs. the lyics are incredible. and the sound effects you incorporate into your music. the typewriter, the door chime, all that just makes it incredible. keep it up. you're a bright spot among terrible 'musicians' these days
7 years ago
commonpuffin (level 16) wrote:
Reminds me of This Mortal Coil's cover of 'The Jeweler'
7 years ago
The Clockwork Quartet wrote:
You guys are the best.

We're working on our album at the moment, stay tuned! Full thing out for free, creative commons, in march/april or so...
7 years ago
SapphireStorms (level 17) wrote:
I remember finding these songs awhile back on Youtube and favoriting them.. Now I find them here, to my surprise! Great songs, with lyrics that make me smirk- especially The Watchmaker's Apprentice when he gets his revenge. Max hearts a-coming. <3
7 years ago
Rosefae (level 10) wrote:
The Watchmaker's Apprentice is such an awesome song. Words fail me as I try to describe how much I adore it. :D
7 years ago
Ta'fxkz wrote:
Brilliant - both the songs
7 years ago
BrettoRex (level 11) wrote:
Very dark and moody, I love this! Reminds me a bit of a Decemberists kind of feel. Perfect.
7 years ago
dshae (level 6) wrote:
Love this!!
7 years ago
straightendforward (level 31) wrote:
Most witty and dark! Thank you!
7 years ago
pareidolia (level 16) wrote:
Love your music so much!!
Especially the Watchmaker's Apprentice - perfect little revenge song.
7 years ago
musicmissionary (level 32) wrote:
Still digging your music. Ever heard Alan Parsons Project's take on Poe's Tales? Kinda get that vibe off your music.
7 years ago
thanatos0446 (level 11) wrote:
YES!!!! Clockwork on T61! FANTASTIC! Most excellent! Now I can continue to feed my Steampunk addiction!
7 years ago
evensfall (level 2) wrote:
This song really caught me. I love it!
7 years ago
MrCanada (level 25) wrote:
Tick tock, tick tock! Absolutely wonderful, you guys have amazing talent
7 years ago