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Los Angeles, CA

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Demonika and the Darklings’ music is a departure from most popular modern music, featuring violin in place of the traditional guitar. They create a unique sonic landscape of melancholy-tinged melodies and lyrical musings inspired by tales of the Redwood forests and personal growth.

Demonika’s voice is strong and soulful, invoking the energy of icons from the 60’s, such as Janis Joplin and Grace Slick.

The music, propelled forward by the rhythm section featuring DJ Darkly’s driving beats and coupled with Dv8’s melodic, solid bass lines, give the songs a danceable groove.

Devlyn on violin weaves through the songs seductively and snakelike. She gives the music an added warmth and emotion, and provides a mirror to Demonika’s vocals and lyrics. Devlyn also adds a bit of mystery and darkness with wails and groans from a theremin.

Demonika and the Darklings cover two songs that are sure to attract interest from music fans unfamiliar with their music. Their cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” proves that they can take on a song from a completely different genre and make it distinctly their own. With Ministry’s “Everyday is Halloween” they breathe new life into an old goth classic.

John “Wee Wee” Napier (Ethyl Meatplow, Nitzer Ebb) co-produced their EP Venus Blush (2004), and full length CD Shelter (2008).

“… a brilliant mixture of waspish vocals and unexpected sounds whispering wickedly, coming on like wonderfully diseased pop.”
–Mick Mercer

“Demonika and the Darklings are sexy and seductive, this is music to entwine bodies to.”

“… it is clear from the first listen that they enjoy and believe in what they are doing.”
- Nate Rand / ReGen Magazine

“They fuse the Goth sound with Pop and Folk giving you something completely different to what many bands in their genre of music are doing. What more they’ve managed to write the tunes without a lead guitar replacing it with a violin and it works.”
- Street Voice UK Magazine

“The music comes across as dark, subtle and dangerous. I’d also like to point out that fans of Rasputina and Suzanne Vega’s industrial masterpiece, 99.9Fdegrees, will LOVE Demonika And The Darklings!”
– Boris / Black Angel Promotions

“Tightly focused haunting female vocal melodies. Below-the-radar, hypnotic bass tones. Theremin dirges straight from a thirties German film noir. Distant, mechanical-like percussion noises. Subtle, yet powerfully intoxicating violins. And the beautifully forlorn voice of Demonika Darkly, narrating a seductively strange and enchanting world of passionate fairytale-like romanticism filled with a feeling that manages to convey love, loss, pain, and hope in a single note.”
– Jeremy Eckhart / Grave Concerns E-zine

Both Venus Blush and Shelter can be previewed and purchased at
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