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Dave Wise

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David Wise (often also credited as Dave Wise or D. Wise) is a British video game music composer. He is one of the in-house composers at Rare, and his music appears in most of the Rare-developed titles. He started his career there in 1985 and was the company’s sole musician up until 1994. He is known for his atmospheric style of music, mixing natural environmental sounds with prominent melodic and percussive accompaniment.

His most famous work is that of the soundtracks for the Donkey Kong Country series of games, which are widely considered to be some of the best soundtracks to ever appear on the SNES. Aside from the usual percussive and ambient “jungle” themes that fit into Donkey Kong’s style in general, the games feature a wide variety of different musical styles that are reflective of the various areas and environments they appear in. More recently, he’s done the soundtrack for the Game Boy Advance port of Donkey Kong Country 3, and is currently working on a mystery Xbox 360 title.
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