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David Ford

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Any attempts at modern comparisons don't quite get to the heart of David Ford. To find his actual peers you have to go back to some of the great curveball mavericks of melody, romance and inventiveness. Artists such as Tom Waits, Neil Young and Todd Rungren, whose haunting, harmonious melodies are frequently offset by barbed, poignant lyrics.
'Shit happens but if it doesn't kill you, get up and keep moving forward' is Ford's eminently sensible take on life and one that encompasses every song on his debut album I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused. Debut single the brilliantly polemic 'State Of The Union, set the agenda distilled from 'page after page of vitriolic spouting', the song superbly encapsulates the everyday experience of being lied to, cheated and generally fucked over by Big Government/business/media/record labels, a subject Ford holds close to his heart...
'I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused' is an album of words and melodies that whisper and shout defiantly at the constant disappointments that litter our lives. Very much an advocator of the DIY approach, Ford recorded the album in the cellar of his Lewes flat. The album's tone is ... (+) expand
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just1six (level 7) wrote:
When can we see "State of The Union" on here? I would be much obliged. Love the tunes, man.
7 years ago
inafets (level 23) wrote:
More More Moreeeee
7 years ago
waiting0 (level 20) wrote:
Love his work , gutted I couldn't get to the London gig .
44 listeners what's that about !?
7 years ago
hippieonatricycle (level 25) wrote:
love your sweet sweet music
7 years ago
flutterflutter (level 22) wrote:
David Ford is an amazing lyricist and an amazing musician. He's the whole package!
7 years ago
kfreitas (level 5) wrote:
wow... beautiful song...
7 years ago
Shijuro (level 26) wrote:
Excellent, when are we going to see more of your songs here?
8 years ago
mjmentz (level 16) wrote:
I dig it, man:)
8 years ago
Anu Pam wrote:
love the song man! fantabulous!
8 years ago