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“I don’t get stuck, living on luck, passing the buck
Time to win is time to lose
Lady luck is just for fools”

D. Kirton ‘Time for Change’

Amid the frenzied rhythms of soca and dancehall that currently dominate the Southern Caribbean a new artist emerges; David Kirton, the calm in the eye of the storm. His sound is a unique hybrid of reggae - roots– rock - soul and pop that surprisingly…. still manages to be organic.

This critically acclaimed Barbadian artist is firmly carving out his sound with his third album titled Time for Change. David Kirton’s has delivered an enticing collection of 11 original Modern Alternative Roots Reggae songs. Organic strong lyrics layered over guitar driven rhythms separate Kirton from the pack. Classic reggae anthems, modern melodic dance rhythms, soulful love songs all wrapped with an earthy alternative pop feel. Kirton continues to create his own path staying away from the road well traveled. Kirton has said he like to leave room for his listeners to discover, revel what is hidden, clever lyrics enclose deep messages.

Kirton first came into the public’s eye with his Midem Cannes 1999 performance. AP writer John Swensen said “unquestionably the most impressive new act at Midem.” The Colorado Independent review stated, “There’s a lot of the old natural mystic flowing through David Kirton’s music, but the music created by the Bajan artist is a new kind of Reggae.” Caribbean Today wrote, “Kirton has struck the right cord. He brings to the market place a refreshingly unique aura. His appeal is broad, easily satisfying the mainstream audience, especially those who crave something new.”

Kirton began writing music as a teenage Rastafarian surfer in his seaside wooden house on the breezy South Coast of Barbados. His need to be heard lead him to the studio of Barbados based producer Chris Allman, Slam City Studios. In 1999 RAS Records released the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Stranger’ and Kirton’s US debut at Reggae on the River was booked. This was followed up with the emerging artist slot on the 44 cities 1999 Spirit of Unity Tour. For his second album “Modern Roots” Kirton teamed up with hit Jamaican producer Michael Bennett. Bennett remarked, “Every now and then as a writer you hear a song that you wish you had written or as a producer you hear a voice that you wish you had discovered. Such was the case when I first heard David Kirton.” Shortly after recording he proceeded began a two-year stint of touring the USA, four months of which he spent as opening artist for the late Reggae giant Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill.

Kirton returned to Barbados in 2003 to develop and refine his sound. He was seeking to find the breathing space between alternative rock – reggae – folk – pop and soul. Songwriting for his new album ‘Time for Change’ began and in the next few years over thirty songs were composed. In 2005 Kirton, producer Chris Allman and musician / producer Van Gibbs ventured to Miami, Boomtunes Studios with to record two singles, Time for Change and Free to Fly. The majority of the songs on Time for Change were recorded in 2007 at Slam City Studio, Barbados with Allman at the helm and three tracks produced by a Barbadian Drum and Guitar team, De Red Boyz.

The music video for ‘Time for Change’, was Kirton’s first. It filmed in Barbados by two time Pulitzer Prize and Sundance Award winning cinematographer / director Tom Krueger. The video was voted to # 6 on the MTV Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown. Kirton’s second video ‘Free to Fly’ features paintings from William Attaway and features a cameo from CSI’s Gary Dourdan. In March 2007 the David Kirton Band had two well received showcases at South-by-South West, Austin Texas. Kirton was joined by artist William Attaway painting live on stage. David Kirton continues to tour with his USA based band.
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