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Death Cab for Cutie

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posted 8 years ago
Bellingham, WA, indie pop quartet Death Cab for Cutie began in 1997 as the solo project of singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard, who previously recorded under the name All-Time Quarterback. The underground success of the cassette You Can Play These Songs' Chords inspired Gibbard to recruit a full-time band including guitarist/organist Christopher Walla (who recorded the early DCFC sessions as well), bassist Nick Harmer, and drummer Nathan Good, and in the summer of 1998, Death Cab for Cutie issued their debut LP, Something About Airplanes, to much acclaim from indie circles. Just prior to completion of the 2000 follow-up We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes, Good left the group and was replaced by drummer Michael Schorr. In fall 2000, the band released the Forbidden Love EP. A solid selection of new cuts were found on The Photo Album the next year. In 2003, Eureka Farm's Jason McGerr joined the group and the band's stunning fourth album Transatlanticism appeared in October. While touring in support of that album in spring 2004, Death Cab For Cutie recorded seven brand new tracks. The John Byrd E.P., which was named for the band's touring sound engineer John Byrd, was issued on Barsuk ... (+) expand
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xDreamsNeverLastx (level 11) wrote:
i did not know that death cab had t61. quite alright.. one of my very favourites.
7 years ago
joannemae (level 6) wrote:
come to Hawaii :)
7 years ago
pareidolia (level 16) wrote:
OMGeee Death Cab for Cutie is on T61!
Very nice songs you have :)
7 years ago
mstksg (level 24) wrote:
this is one of the bands that inspired me to get into music in the first place =)
7 years ago
joshuarjones (level 27) wrote:
u know.
7 years ago
rael (level 30) wrote:
you guys are from Bellingham - cool! ever been to Shakey's (the pizza joint/handball club) or is that place long gone???
7 years ago
kelkoo (level 30) wrote:
Yeahh!! Cath is posted!! just love the intro of this song!!XD
7 years ago
spaggard (level 16) wrote:
love love love death cab
7 years ago
lowerneeds (level 5) wrote:
i have heard all the songs except these
7 years ago
linkdeku (level 11) wrote:
Awesome! I never knew you guys were on 61! You put on a great life performance! I've seen you a good couple times at least here in Atlanta!
7 years ago
RadioFree (level 23) wrote:
Way to rock it out tonite guys. Awesome set!
7 years ago
Profet wrote:
i love this band! i sing my stepdaughter to sleep with 'i'll follow you into the dark"
7 years ago
felipc (level 13) wrote:
DCFC is amazing! I went to their show last saturday and they were awesome. They played this song, which is one of my favorites.
7 years ago
RyockinEclectic (level 2) wrote:
One of the Best Albums i have from the first track Bixby Canyon Bridge to Grapevine Fires to Long Division to Cath.. this album takes me to a journey and reminds me of memories of past.
7 years ago
tranexxrekk (level 8) wrote:
7 years ago
whensdinner (level 10) wrote:
Hey death cab fans check out a band called the left, song called "love don't work" do you think it sounds similar? i can definitely hear the influence but i think it sounds different enough to be complimentary. your thoughts?
7 years ago
ismile (level 8) wrote:
@ molliebash Your so right!
7 years ago
molliebash (level 15) wrote:
you guys need to upload the new stuff from the Open Door EP, it's so good!
7 years ago
thosedamnamish (level 10) wrote:
yay for death cab coming to ucsb! cant wait to see you guys next week :)
7 years ago
sodabird (level 4) wrote:
they're like nothing else. my ipod got stolen and it was them i missed the most.
8 years ago