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Greetings fair gentlefolk.

Welcome to the Sixtyone Page for Dime Spot: A Villain's Vibe Production. You may have spotted the fake account (some man with his pants down, and some pretty hilarious random photos clearly stolen in a Facebook hack. They can't even spell Villain LOL.)

We at Dime Spot wish to apologize and set the record straight regarding Dime Spot. You'll find the ORIGINAL tracks here, along with some high quality photos I'll put up in due course.

A bit about myself. I went to Yale to study law, and discovered my love of music while working double shifts in Starbucks on Tenth Street. My appreciation of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven led naturally to my embracing of all things crunk, funk and junk.

The first Dime Spot album, titled "Hundred Handjobs" will be dropping like your mother's lower jaw shortly.
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