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Santee, CA

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Dr. Awkward (Josh Watson) is a Southern California recording artist since 2009. Doc was born and raised in San Diego and because of this much of his music is influenced by mainstream and underground West Coast hip hop.

In early 2009 Dr. Awkward released his first solo release “Next Gen”, in which Doc proclaims that he is the future of Hip Hop. The EP was hailed as an instant classic, with such hits as “Geekquilibrium” and “Impostor”. With the release of the EP, Doc was signed to the independent record label Scrub Club Records. He then performed at Nerdapalooza with several artists from Scrub Club.

Summer 2009 Doc finished a follow-up EP titled “Subterranean”. The EP was named because of the departure from Awkward’s heavily synth sound and adopted an underground feel. The EP was later completely discarded because Doc did not feel it evolved on the skills demonstrated in the Next Gen EP.

Since his performance at Nerdapalooza, Doc has performed at after parties for large events such as Florida’s Nerd Invasion, San Diego’s Comic Con, and Texas’ Comicpalooza. He has shared bills with MC Frontalot, MC LARS, MC Chris, Zealous1 and MegaRan. Dr. Awkward is slated to play Indianapolis’ GenCon in August 2010.

April 2010, one year after Next Gen, Dr. Awkward finished and released his first full length album titled “Unlimited”. The album was named as such to convey Doc’s unlimited potential and ability. The album featured a fusion of Nerdcore, Hip Hop, and R&B.;
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