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Eagle Seagull

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When Eagle Seagull’s debut album was released in early 2006 on fledgling label Paper Garden Records, the reaction was astounding: capital reactions in online forums, euphoric reviews in the underground press, listings in various “Best Of 2006” and “Bands to watch 2007” polls – there were too many to name all of them here. In the months that followed, Eagle Seagull progressed from just being a “hip name to drop” to playing packed venues, and the label – although still without a national distributor – had to re-press the debut CD for the umpteenth time.

All this hubbub caught the attention of Lado, one of Germany’s most successful indie labels (The Gossip, Metric, Tocotronic), and Eagle Seagull’s debut was released in Europe in October of 2006 to universal critical acclaim. They even earned themselves a spot on the Austrian Indie Charts at 2 - right behind The Killers - and a place in both Rolling Stone (Germany) and Spex magazine’s Best of 2006 lists.

All this turmoil - it has to be said – was caused by a band that doesn’t even fit into any existing genres. They have created a world of sound all their own. And their songs are so chart-ho... (+) expand
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alovesupreme (level 13) wrote:
Um..love this!
6 years ago
mapolin (level 25) wrote:
david bowie-esque
6 years ago
michelleyeah (level 31) wrote:
Love it so much <3 Need more!
6 years ago
TalkativeTree (level 16) wrote:
really great song, going to try and find your music outisde of t61 now
6 years ago
livnlifeloud (level 20) wrote:
your song is great! the lyrics jump out which is refreshing, and the line tell your new man please to hang up my shirt as he takes it off your shoulders is the least he could do if we are going to share you. i love that! it grabbed my attention immediately. keep it up. :)
6 years ago
aintrad (level 12) wrote:
i'm sorry but i'm beginning to like your song
6 years ago
Neptune (level 14) wrote:
very killers-esque

i approve
6 years ago
freelancehero (level 14) wrote:
Can you guys sell your mp3 album/songs on amazon please? For the non-iTunes folks, thanks
6 years ago
DeeDee1 (level 32) wrote:
Pleaseeeee post more songs!!!
6 years ago
swirlp0p (level 13) wrote:
6 years ago
convolutedwits (level 14) wrote:
I see these creeps at O'Rourkes playing darts all the time.
7 years ago
hodoli (level 12) wrote:
Love the beat. So fresh!
7 years ago
w0rkbench (level 26) wrote:
can i get a shot at remixing this track eagle seagull?
7 years ago
freelancehero (level 14) wrote:
I would like to buy this as well. Why can't I buy it?
7 years ago
ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
I wish I could buy this....
7 years ago
ky (level 40) wrote:
this is awesome
7 years ago
xcocox14x (level 11) wrote:
i like it !
7 years ago
AMEN (level 13) wrote:
I agree! very groovy....
7 years ago
muzikman (level 35) wrote:
very groovy song
7 years ago
hmunkey (level 41) wrote:
excellent band, excellent music

photograph is my favorite song

I'd also advise everyone to tak a look at their site - it's brilliant
7 years ago