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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Eyes Lips Eyes

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You were this, I were that. One of our favorite music videos lately.
Now listen to the voice of reason.
I, ER, am going to be in Utah this weekend. Will you be hungry? I'm playing a wonderful gathering of hosts at Sundance on Friday night Jan 22. Let's go! Get tix here and be sure to enter 'sundancevip' for $20 off. This party is a must.
Nexterday, (SATURDAY) I'll be down batting clean up, hitting the grand slams you've come to depend on in Provo's magical Velour tour headquarters. Come hither to confirm on Facebook (and get the details you need). You'll be glad you're roused. I'll be glad you're round. Imagine Dragons couldn't make it, so we're the headliner - that means a lot of anticipation!
Go pluck a carrot.
In English (fffeeewww!!!)
Friday, Jan 22 - Park City, UTVooray Sundance Party with Can't Stop Won't Stop and DJ Mike RelmER on @ 10:00 pm - tix here (enter code 'sundancevip' - you need 'General Admission Guest List' or better)
Saturday, Jan 23 - Provo, UTVelour - 135 N University Avewith Can't Stop Won't Stop, The Vibrant Sound, and Trio of Hosts8:00 pm - $7
posted 7 years ago
posted 7 years ago
Help us decide.
posted 7 years ago
Speckle the specifics. Send the hob nobs to the Grand Titons. Lace these lyrical tushes. Grab them from your gushes. Keep yourself visible. Wear baggy, neon clothing. Smile a little. Speak and then spell. Steak and then hell. The cows are for the cowards, but leave the bees for me. Free the knees. See the peas. Smother your smoochers with sweet smarts. Lay down the Frito Lays. Break open the jaw breakers. Rake in some sense.
Congratulations, you're in love!
Kinda sucks, though.

What a wide mouthed wonder. What a tethered sunder. Pret a manger my face with scrapbook scissors. Cut out heart holes with those punchers. I want everyone to reminisce about their old love when they look at me.
posted 7 years ago
This is Aaron, saying greetings from the Map Room. Hope all o y'all are delightful. See you at the Joint tomorrow night.
posted 7 years ago
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Eyes Lips Eyes, formerly known as Elizabethan Report (ER), is a spirited indie/alternative rock band which formed in the county seat of Provo, Utah. They stuffed their bags and headed straight to the West Coast and introduced California to their aggressive new-wave musical style that combines elements of punk rock, avant-garde, pop and funk influences. The four-piece ensemble creates a diverse style that generates a chaotic yet controlled substance.

The band is influenced by All-American rock bands such as the Talking Heads, The Strokes and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Self proclaimed, disco-punk rock, their mixed fusion of rock and roll and deviant lyrics carried Eyes Lips Eyes to Los Angeles to spread their wings and make some noise.

Eyes Lips Eyes formed in the summer of 2007, and released an EP and one full-length album over a two-year span. Within that time, the band won first place in the Muse-Music Battle of the Bands, toured the West Coast and moved to an industrial loft in the heart of Chinatown that they call home.

They have performed at festivals such as the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, X96 Big Ass Show with Shiny Toy Guns and the Sego 3 Festival. The New Ame... (+) expand
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rainlover1980 (level 14) wrote:
I can't get enough of this song!
7 months ago
Apolo Swing Club wrote:
DAMN bros!! great music you got here!! congrats!!! check us out sometime soon! cheers!!!

Peace & Rough Love
Apolo Swing Club
7 years ago
feeltheoffbeat (level 12) wrote:
Thanks for letting me know about Never Alone: it rocks! Next time I'll be there to heart it right when it comes out, I promise.
7 years ago
fatboyigloo (level 27) wrote:
Yo. Glad I checked out Never Alone. That track rocks, keep it up.
7 years ago
Archous (level 23) wrote:
Not bad. I can get behind this
7 years ago
ethanshoemaker (level 21) wrote:
haha, i was listening to this song and was like "this song is awesome, whos this artist? ER cool, havent heard of them before". yeah i felt stupid when i clicked the artist link. Love "never alone" (i'd love it more if i heard it live here in atl :-D ) keep up the great work guys.
7 years ago
mhutch14 (level 27) wrote:
Cheers for the notice on the new ER tune. It's a good one! I hope the new year brings you great success.
7 years ago
AppleTart (level 13) wrote:
lovin the new song!!!! :D
7 years ago
hiemalis (level 32) wrote:
haha not only you guys make good music and so clever. Keep good work. I am watching you!
7 years ago
naomiolivia (level 22) wrote:
Your music sounds wonderful!
7 years ago
cdlangen (level 25) wrote:
Oh no! I got your message too late. Great song tho!
7 years ago
michelleyeah (level 31) wrote:
Thanks for the heads up and I LOVE IT! Max Hearts <3
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
7 years ago
Evonity (level 35) wrote:
Thanks for the heads-up (and reminding me that some people actually read bio's)
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
7 years ago
aiiaznsk8er (level 29) wrote:
thanks for the heads up on the new song. max hearts. and yes, I have an unhealthy obsession with The Gay Blades
7 years ago
CamdenCavedoll (level 16) wrote:
Never Alone= Great song
7 years ago
Angriegator (level 29) wrote:
New song = awesome! :) Thanks for telling me!
7 years ago
technosex3000 (level 2) wrote:
so you guys like a band or something? music?

7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Seriously great to wake up to Never Alone, it's fabulous, of course :D
7 years ago