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Elliott BROOD is a three-piece, self-described death country band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their first EP, Tin Type, was released in January 2004 by weewerk records, and came packaged in a brown paper bag containing a hand made photobook done in the style of the American Old West.

The band consists of Mark Sasso (vocals, guitar, banjo), Casey Laforet (guitar) and Stephen Pitkin (percussion).

In October 2005 the band released its first LP, Ambassador, on Six Shooter Records. The entire record was recorded in an abandoned slaughterhouse.

One notable aspect of the band’s live performance is that Pitkin uses a large plastic suitcase in place of a bass drum which produces a similar but subdued effect.

Their origin(2 members) is also from Windsor, Ontario, Canada in the “Sunny South Windsor” Q
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