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Orange County, CA

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Elogy (n.) The praise bestowed on a person or thing; panegyric.

"It's so much better to say nice things about people while they're still here." -Derek

Between the four of them, Elogy consists of a classically trained pianist, multiple guitarists, drummers, bassists, and a certified sound engineer who does the sampling, recording and mixing.

Elogy is: Derek Cannavo (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Nick Lyman (Drums, Piano), Danny Gutierrez (Bass, Vocals), Rick Walker (Piano, Synth, Sampling).

"The best part about Elogy is that they keep at it, creating music that's not crap."

-Henrick Vartanian, Brave New Hollywood

As an unsigned band with a strong independent streak, they're certain that creating music they love is the key to a fulfilling musical life...

And your comments and support keep them keepin on... so if you're inclined, please chime in!

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Thanks for listening.
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