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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Empire of the Sun

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Empire Of The Sun is a collaborative project between Pnau’s Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson. Steele’s vocals were recently featured on Pnau’s self titled album. Empire of the Sun’s debut, produced by Jonathan Sloan (Sneaky Sound System), is set for release in October 2008. The first single from the album is Walking On A Dream.
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duck13 (level 11) wrote:
ooooh yeaaa, the good life.
6 months ago
SaraEagleDeer (level 5) wrote:
want to be the empire of my pants? Love it.
7 years ago
dannydelsol (level 4) wrote:
i love empire of the sun :D
7 years ago
itshenry (level 11) wrote:
great music, i definitely need to check out more songs from these guys
7 years ago
megwicky (level 10) wrote:
wow I love you never stop making music
7 years ago
pirachaz (level 10) wrote:
this song simply makes me happy!
7 years ago
point9 (level 14) wrote:
The remix were tastefully done as well. Nice choices
7 years ago
point9 (level 14) wrote:
very nice. There is seems to be a rally for this music to be release everywhere. I'll release it on Beatport then it can go world wide. hell give you 90% of royalties just to see the people smile.
7 years ago
backgum (level 5) wrote:
Guys, you want people downloading your songs through piracy? So why not allow downloads here? Oh because you have them to download in iTunes? That's great ... but guys, iTunes music store is only for US, UK, and some other countries in Europe - oh ok, you don't want to be famous in the World ;-)
7 years ago
Concerning Lions wrote:
thanks for this great music. We Are The People was just right today.
7 years ago
rallisma (level 6) wrote:
loving the tunes loving the tunes
7 years ago
Slash737 (level 8) wrote:
Searching for the thrill of it...
7 years ago
joannemae (level 6) wrote:
damn, too bad We are the people video on youtube is restricted in U.S.A :(
7 years ago
wazsabi (level 19) wrote:
MAx hearts to walking on a dream -- whatta song!
7 years ago
wazsabi (level 19) wrote:
Max hearts to We are the people. Always makes me smile and look sun-ways :) especially good here, during North Nights
7 years ago
Roshi (level 28) wrote:
Please put up the original version of 'We Are The People'....awesome song
7 years ago
AwakeAwakeListener (level 11) wrote:
Love the synth and guitar together!
7 years ago
JimChee (level 24) wrote:
w°w !! *(°0°)*
Hell0 fr0m Rennes, Bretagne, France !!
7 years ago
sharkb8 (level 4) wrote:
This band is so awesome that sometimes I shed a tear hearing Walking on a Dream.
7 years ago
joerdie (level 12) wrote:
I am head over heels in love with Walking on a Dream. What a great song.
7 years ago