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I just want to make another THANK YOU ALL post...because now there are so many listeners that trying to go through an message you all seems too daunting a task....that's pretty cool! Other than that it makes me sound like a lazy sod. ;-)
posted 7 years ago
Home page? kick ass. Thanks everyone.

For those of you just discovering this page, you may enjoy the other stuff here... or you may prefer the work on my other page...
which is more sample oriented.
Remeber Sky is kinda the "crossover" here, if you will. ;-)
posted 7 years ago
ugh! Thats such an annoying default setting!! Can't post on so many peoples wall, bcause of that stupid default. Oh well. I just want to say thanks to all who have listened and left a little love behind.

posted 7 years ago
One step at a time...
One grueling, gut wrenching, knee scraping, head pounding...step at a time.
Simple Progress.
Play at high volumes.
posted 7 years ago
So I just uploaded a new tune.... I produce it all while wearing my lovely headphones....and I thought it sounded pretty sweet....then I played it this morning on my speakers...which are decent...and I thought "egad! that's awful!" (yeah, I said, egad, you got a problem??) Then I put it on again tonight...on speakers...and concurred with my earlier self, somewhat, but toned down to, "not sounding so great"...then midway through I plugged in the phones and put'em on....200% better! Moral of this protracted rambling: headphones are your Eric EXiT / EXTension listening friends.....
posted 7 years ago
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I am Eric. I consume music voraciously. Music of all kinds, styles, genres, eras. Much like visual arts, some music is just lovely to behold...form and light and color and grace of composition and so forth; while other music is more conceptual. Some music will hold out a kind and forgiving hand. Some music will punch you in the face. Some will make you think. Some will make you weep or smile. Some will make your ears gush forth in bloody torrents. Some makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Sounds can be made in an infinite number of ways.... sounds can be found, and then re-purposed. I like to explore. I am NOT a trained professional... so, please, try this at home. ;-)
I listen here:
I have another project here (centered more around using found sounds and voices):

This is my kickass listener group:

upcoming shows
I'll show you mine if you show me yours
Wednesday @ 08:00pm   |   I'll show you mine ... in Anywhere, AA
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greensthm (level 16) wrote:
I second what @DomeKing says. I've got an old ipod with your music on it.
1 month ago
DomeKing (level 15) wrote:
Just wanted you to know that I've kept this stuff bookmarked for the last six years! Still give it a listen when I need to access my subconscious.
1 year ago
va7sdf (level 28) wrote:
Love to max heart anything new you might have.
1 year ago
davyhamburgers (level 28) wrote:
7 years ago
alexandercsd (level 14) wrote:
totally love your work! keep them coming!!!
7 years ago
jessehmusic (level 19) wrote:
blown away by the ingenuity, love the banjo. keep them coming!
7 years ago
Fall Fair Car wrote:
Hey! I like your attitude. It translates well into your music.
7 years ago
realitim (level 30) wrote:
Another hit. Grats and well deserved :)
7 years ago
dagburks (level 28) wrote:
Back to the front page with Sun, rise. Excellent!
7 years ago
tehredherring (level 13) wrote:
Man, I love the music. Do you seriously have no albums?
7 years ago
snide (level 20) wrote:
Yeah, after the holiday's might work for me too. In syracuse now visiting my father. The fall has just buzzed by. will keep in touch.
7 years ago
crashburnlove (level 19) wrote:
i just noticed the entire title of lonely satelite.. -"but oh what it saw before the darkness" . cool.
7 years ago
crashburnlove (level 19) wrote:
i love all this music. wow. my father used to play banjo for me when i was a kid. i've never heard anyone else play chill banjo music ... lonely satellite is my favorite(even though there's no banjo, although there's still 11 minutes to go so it may be coming ;).
7 years ago
gingerbelle (level 33) wrote:
Another homepager!! How sweet it is:-)
7 years ago
ikemayusay (level 21) wrote:
kudos on "if we survive." we'll survive the ice age, we won't become petrified...or maybe cryogenics will advance to the point where we can become petrified and survive.
7 years ago
Raine (level 34) wrote:
PS - I'll never show you mine
7 years ago
Raine (level 34) wrote:
YAY - a homepage post
7 years ago
sos0 (level 19) wrote:
in this moment! that video was amazing
and this song is a thousand more times amazing
7 years ago
SandyCarver (level 35) wrote:
:D ey up Eric, glad to hear you're living la vida loca!!

And it's great to see Remember Sky doing so well - it's such a groovy tune.

Ace :)
7 years ago
csteele (level 9) wrote:
Dude. In This Moment.

7 years ago