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Kim Yoo-Jin (김유진, born March 3, 1981, in Seoul) is a singer and actress commonly known as Yoo-Jin in Korea. After the split of S.E.S. in 2002, Yoo-Jin has appeared in Korean soap operas, namely “Loving You”, “Save The Last Dance”, and “Wonderful Life”. She has also appeared in numerous TV ads.

She has released two solo albums. Her first album, “My True Style” has sold nearly 65,000 records. Her second album, “810303” has sold nealy 19,000 records. She is currently working on her third album set to release in July 2006.

She grew up in Guam, and currently lives in Korea with her family. She is fluent in Chamorro, English, and her native Korean. Eugene, as fans call her, weighs 44 kilograms and stands at 163 cm.
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