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Rachel Staggs (vocals, guitar) and T.J. O’Leary (vocals, guitar) formed Experimental Aircraft in October 1997 in Austin, Texas. Mark Smith joined soon after on bass, and the trio performed live with several different drummers before recruiting Jason Ferguson in mid 1998.

The band recorded, produced and released their self-titled debut in 1999 on sleepy bunny records (a fictitious local label). In March of 2000 the album was picked up by California based Devil in the Woods Records and repressed with slightly new artwork.

ExAir’s sophomore effort was also recorded and produced by the band, released in October of 2002 on Rollerderby Records, run by Rachel from the band.

Experimental Aircraft’s 3rd album has a release date and a label home!

26 FEBRUARY 2008

third transmission : meet me on echo echo terrace
music recorded with mark ford at ohm recording facility ( in austin, texas.
vocals recorded in tj’s haunted attic by tj & rachel.
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