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Fish Karma is the name of a one-person folk-rock artist who combines the nasally angst of the Violent Femmes with the spaced-out guitar of Frank Zappa. Although the real name of Fish Karma’s sole member is still a well-guarded secret, what is known is he began his career at the University of Arizona, where he worked in a comedy troupe until deciding to try out the music industry. After releasing several albums independently, he signed to Deep Shag Records in the early ’90s. Fish Karma managed to release two albums, and worked with artists such as Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon. His live performances consisted of many improvised songs, most of them ranted in a style reminiscent of George Carlin. Fish Karma was put on hold in 1995 but made his comeback with a twisted children’s album (The Dangerous Playground) in 1998. Since then, he has managed to release one more album, 2001’s Lunch With the Devil.
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