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Foreign Islands are a post-punk dance outfit from Brooklyn. Nude Records in the UK released their 1st single “Fine Dining With the Future” in July 2006.

Here is what “Oh My Rockness” had to say about them-

“If we ever were to bust out of our jaded shells and dance, these guys would be near the top of our DJ request list. Look out for NYC’s Foreign Islands. This excitable and ex-spazzable band has so far managed to stay pretty under-the-radar in this god forsaken town (though they did just open for The Hold Steady), but with a punk-with-synths staccato sound that can be described as Nation of Ulysses meets Les Savy Fav and Thunderbirds are Now!, well, how could they not be destined for greatness… We’ve never kept it secret that we’re a sucker for songs with hand claps, and, boy, do these guys ever bring out some powerful palms on stage. Go see them now, buy them a few beers, and in a few years you can say to those you want to impress, ‘No big deal, but I totally got wasted with Foreign Islands once.’ And they’ll be all like, ‘Awesome.’ “
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